Carver is the inventor and the reference brand in the skate and surfskate market. It offers a wide range of models for different riders and types of use. Carver surfskates will make you rediscover the sensations of surfing on asphalt, and for the magic to work you have to choose your truck and board.

The choice of truck and board is made according to your profile: your level in skateboarding and board sports, your size (height and weight), and the type of use you want (riding, urban cruising, bowls, freestyle).

How to choose your Carver truck?             

The Surfskates Carver several different types of trucks: the C7 truck, the CX truck or the C5 truck. These three Carver trucks have been created to offer excellent performance for different types of use, so it is important to understand their technical characteristics and how they work in order to make the right choice. Please see our Carver truck infographic about the topic: How to choose your Carver truck?    

Which Carver Truck?

Truck C7 : Versatile and fluid curves

Level: beginner to expert

The patented C7 truck is designed to recreate the feeling of gliding on the water with a surfboard, on a skateboard. It consists of a rotating arm with 2 torsion axes to which a spring is added to efficiently restore energy between changes of support. With this truck no need to push with the leg, just pump to move forward and gain speed. Thanks to its stability and flexibility, it favours long turns and beautiful fluid curves. It is the ideal truck for cruising and starting out in surfskateboarding if you have never skateboarded in your life thanks to its stability and easy pumping.

This truck is the invention of the surfskate system and the one that has made the Carver brand famous. It is the most complete truck and the closest to the fluidity of surfing the surface of a wave.

Truck CX : Freestyle & Bowl

Level: intermediate to expert

The CX truck is a classic truck with an inverted axis, hybrid between surfskate and skate, it takes more angle and is lighter offering more reactivity and grip to send short and powerful turns. This truck allows you to perform aerial tricks with good landing, to gain speed with control and to pump to move forward as on the C7 truck thanks to its inverted axis system. Less stable and more playful, it is designed for experienced skateboarders and surfers to explore bowls and skateparks wanting to progress, push their limits and perform radical manoeuvres.

Truck C5 : Freestyle & Street

Level: advanced to expert

The C5 truck is narrower and lower than the CX truck but more stable, it allows you to send jumps and make tight turns. This truck has been developed for freestyle, aerial tricks with good landing stability. It also offers a good pumping capacity to gain speed like on the C7 truck thanks to its inverted axis system. It is the ideal truck to send tricks in the streets and skateparks, it is intended for a public of confirmed skateboarders.

How to choose your surfskate carver board?

Working in collaboration with professional surfers and world-renowned shape shops, the Carver range offers a multitude of shapes, there is something for every taste and every possible use: from aggressive shortboards to retro longboards, cruisers, mini cruisers, wide, rounded or compact.

Depending on your size and weight, choose a size that matches your desired size and style of use.

For small and lighter sizes, go for short boards and for large and heavy sizes go for long boards.

If you're new to skateboarding or snowboarding, choose a long and wide surfskate board.

For riding style, short boards will be more aggressive with fast and tight turns while long boards will draw longer and smoother curves.

Long: Over 32" long, these boards draw long, smooth curves, they are easy to pump and gain speed. This is the ideal board for long rides and beginner to expert riders.

Medium: From 30" to 32" long, these boards are versatile and offer good stability and maneuverability, they are perfect for surf, carver and long distance training. For all levels, they can also be used in skateparks and bowls.

Short- 30" long, these models are manoeuvrable and fast, they make short turns. These boards are excellent in skateparks but will also be useful for city rides. They are designed for experienced skateboarders of rather light and small build.

Find more models of Carver's short and medium shapes by the Triton By Carver brand cooperation, offering all the Carver quality at affordable prices. 

How to chose your surfskate deck?

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