Carver, the inventor of the Surfskate!

The boards of the Made in USA brand are neither Skates nor Longboards but Surfskates! Magic to ride or to cruise in the streets of the city, it will also be your best partner in the bowls or ramps to try new tricks! The Carver adventure started in 1996 and is still growing.

We encourage you to watch this short film on the history of the invention of the Surfskate by Carver Skateboards:

During a flat summer in Venice Beach, one of California's legendary surf spots, Greg Falk and Neil Carver had been surfing all winter and were looking forward to riding waves in the warm summer water during the long summer days, but the waves were not there.

The Lords of Dogtown have a similar story of inventing skateboarding, and Greg and Neil took the opportunity to invent the first surf skateboard trucks that would allow them to ride the curves of the board with a lot of feeling.

By designing the trucks of the classic skateboards, we only got instability: it was necessary to invent new wheel supports and to get a maximum of carving sensations!

Venice and Santa Monica are perfect cities for skateboarding with wide avenues, steps and other skate spots, but none of this brought the right feeling!

The development of the Truck C7

The early prototypes were based on :

  - either on classic skateboard trucks to which modifications were made 

- or on a system of axle with different rotation to which Neil added a spring

The combination of the 2 ideas allowed the invention of the Carver C7 Truck that we know today. It's this invention with 2 torsion axles to which a spring is added that allows us to ride and know the Carver riding style. 

Carver in France and worldwide

Carver France, a brand of SDG Distribution, has been developing the brand on the French territory for more than 10 years, always with the aim of developing the community around a product which is dear to us!

We organize every year the Carver tour during the 3 months of summer: The opportunity for everyone to meet, exchange and test all the models of the brand.

Follow us on Instagram Carver France to know the latest news, events, offers and novelties in France.

Always close to the community, we are close to Concrete Surf Rider and local riders like :

On a global scale, Carver is known by all surfers in the world! That's why our brand has surrounded itself with professional surfers and renowned shaping shops to offer you products that are always more efficient.

Surfing legend Taylor Knox fell in love with the boards early on and in collaboration with Carver developed his own Knox Phoenix model.

Jamie O'Brien also released 2 pro-models Blue tiger and Camo tiger recently as did Kai Lenny and Rayan Kleiner.

In 2019 we also find great co-branded models developed with major brands of the surf scene such as Channel Islands and Lost Surfboards.

Carver has recently developed the TRITON By Carver brand to offer surfskates at low prices while keeping the quality that has made the reputation of the brand.