Carver, the surfskate innovator!

The Made in USA boards are neither Skates nor Longboards but Surfskates! Magic to ride or pure cruiser in the streets of the city, it will also be your best ally in the bowls or ramps to try new tricks! The Carver adventure started in 1996 and is still growing.

Carver, l'inventeur du surfskate !
Choosing your CARVER

Choosing your CARVER

Carver is the inventor and the reference brand in the surfboard market. It offers a wide range of models for different riders and types of use. Carver surfskates make you feel like you're surfing on asphalt, and to make the magic happen you have to choose your truck and board.

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Welcome to the official website of Carver Skateboards France

Carver is the inventor and the reference brand on the world market of surfskate. The idea came from two Californian surfers from Venice who were in need of waves. They designed a skateboard reminiscent of the sensations of surfing and the history of the Carver brand began. In 1996, the Californian brand launched its first Carver surfskate.

It offers a wide range of models for different users and types of use. The Carver surfskates allow you to find the feeling of surfing on the asphalt. The Carver surfskate is a mix between skateboard, longboard and surf. There are several different styles, the surf-training which consists in reproducing the beautiful fluid curves which one finds in surfing but on wheels, the skatepark and bowls where the carver makes it possible to keep energy by pumping and to carry out vertical rollerblades, the strolls/cruising while advancing without putting the foot on the ground just for the pleasure and finally the freestyle in park and street

Whether you're a surfer, snowboarder, skater, or just like board sports, you're going to love surfskate and love to surf infinite curves on the asphalt. To make the magic happen, you need to choose the right surfskate, discover our buying guide " choose your carver ".

Carver surfskates offer several different types of trucks: the C7 truck, the CX truck or the C5 truck. These trucks have been designed to offer excellent performance for different types of use, so it's important to understand their technical specifications and operation to make the right choice.

Working with professional surfers and world-renowned shape shops, Carver's lineup offers a multitude of shapes to suit every taste and use: from aggressive shortboards to retro longboards, cruisers, mini cruisers, wide, round or compact.

Adopt the boards and style of your favorite surfers thanks to our ongoing collaboration: California's Courtney Conlogue with her aggressive surfing, Brazil's dynamic and lively Yago Dora, Tyler Ridler's retro vintage style or former ISA world champion Taylor Knox.

We develop surfboards models with famous shaping shops to get closer to the surfing feeling: Channel Islands and Lost Surfboards.

Carver has recently developed the TRITON By Carver brand to offer surfboards at a low price (less than 200€) while keeping the quality that has made the reputation of the brand.

Carver France, a brand of the SDG Distribution group, has been developing the brand on the French territory for more than 10 years, always with the aim of developing the community around a product that is dear to us!