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Find the sensations of surfing on your skateboard thanks to the carver, the original surfskate since 1996! We have designed these surfskates to get as close as possible to the feeling of gliding on the water. You will find here all the models of the Carver brand.

Carving Surfskate

Surfboarding is a very popular sport in recent years!

Surfskate is a skateboarding sport that aims to reproduce the feeling of surfing on a skateboard. This discipline is characterised by the use of trucks (the axles on which the wheels are fixed) specially designed to allow lateral rotational movements, called "pumping", which make it possible to generate speed without having to push with the foot.

The surfskate is therefore very different from the classic skateboard, where propulsion is achieved by successive kicks on the ground. With surfskate, the gliding sensation is more fluid, closer to surfing, and allows you to explore new playgrounds, such as bowls, curves or urban waves. Surfboarding requires a certain level of technique and coordination, but it is accessible to all levels. Beginners can start with more stable and less technical models, while more advanced riders can try more advanced tricks, such as carves, cutbacks or aerials.

We offer surfboards for novice to expert riders and for all types of use: from leisurely cruising to bowling, from training surf carving to freestyle for aerial manoeuvres in skate parks and streets.

The style of the boards is inspired by surfing, from modern shortboards to retro longboards. The boards are developed by Carver in partnership with leading surfing brands and professional surfers to provide you with the highest quality and performance surfboards.

Carver has recently developed the Triton By Carver brand to offer cheap quality surfboards at less than 200€ to find the sensations of sliding on the water or on the powder.

Whether you're a surfer, snowboarder, skateboarder, or just like board sports, you're going to adopt the surfskate and love surfing endless curves on the asphalt. The principle of the surfskate is simple, it works by changing the support on the rail from one side to the other, this creates a pumping effect making the carver move forward and gain speed. Once the speed is gained, you can support your turns and carve like in surfing on water. Now it's up to you to have fun!

Surfskate is a very fun sport, which allows you to work on your balance, coordination and physical condition while having fun. It's also a great way to get around town, combining the pleasure of riding with urban mobility.

If you are tempted by the experience of surfskating, don't hesitate to ask about the different models of boards and trucks available, you are in the right place! Carver is the inventor of surfboarding and we are delighted that you are getting into this exciting discipline!

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