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Surfskate Carver MINI TIKI SUNRISE C5 28"

The Mini TIKI SUNRISE C5 28" by CARVER is specially designed for young riders, featuring attractive and dynamic graphics. Ideal for tight turns and smooth gliding sessions, it offers a unique surf-skate experience.

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The Mini TIKI SUNRISE C5 28" model by CARVER is part of Carver's new Mini series, designed specifically for younger, lighter riders seeking a high-performance experience tailored to their size.

Featuring vibrant and fun graphics, the TIKI SUNRISE comes with the low-profile C5 truck set, 84a Medium Carver bushings, and Roundhouse wheels measuring 60mm/81a in hardness.

This translates into a surfskate that sits closer to the ground for easier pushing, with softer bushings reducing rail resistance for easier turns with less weight and effort. Pressed in 6-ply maple, it remains lightweight for younger riders.

This short yet wide board offers surprisingly stability with its reduced wheelbase, ideal for tight turns.


Skaters have invented many tricks since the early days, and a modern surfskate must incorporate this history of progression. The C5 system (C5 in the front, C4 in the rear) is shorter and narrower, lowering the center of gravity for better tail pop, higher ollies, and improved control.

The narrower hanger and deck make the surfskate lightweight and maneuverable. It's the new generation of surfskate, blending tricks and flow in a complex and creative expression across urban landscapes.

Technical Specifications:

- Width: 9.25"
- Nose: 3.25"
- Tail: 5.5"
- Wheelbase: 15"
- Front Truck: 5.75" C5
- Rear Truck: 5.75" C4
- Grip Tape: Printed
- Original Wheels: 60mm/81A Aqua Mags

Last items in stock