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Surfskate Carver FIREBRAND C5 32"

Discover the FIREBRAND C5 32” surfskate from CARVER, featuring a wider 8.875" template. Inspired by bowl and street boards, this model is equipped with C5 hollow trucks for maximum maneuverability.


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Discover the CARVER FIREBRAND C5 32" surfskate, which is 8.875" wider. The Firebrand comes standard with Carver park black wheels measuring 58mm x 95a with a rounded profile for coping tricks, C5 hollow trucks, and integrated bearings.


The C5 system (C5 in the front, C4 in the rear) is shorter and narrower, lowering the center of gravity and providing more pop on the tail. This allows for higher ollies and better control. Additionally, the narrower hanger and deck make this surfskate lightweight and maneuverable. It represents the new generation of surfskates, blending tricks and fluidity in a complex and creative expression throughout urban landscapes.

Technical Specifications:

- Width: 8 7/8"
- Nose: 5 3/4"
- Tail: 6 1/2"
- Wheelbase: 15 3/8"
- Front Truck: 5.75" C5
- Rear Truck: 5.75" C4
- Griptape: Park
- Original Wheels: 58mm/95A Black Parks