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Find the sensations of surfing on your skateboard thanks to the carver, the original surfskate since 1996! We have designed these surfskates to get as close as possible to the feeling of gliding on the water. You will find here all the models of the Carver brand.

We offer surfboards for beginners to experts and for all types of use: from the quiet cruising ride to the bowl, from training surf carving to freestyle for aerial maneuvers in skatepark and street.

The style of the boards is inspired by surfing, from modern shortboards to retro longboards. They are developed by Carver but also in partnership with major surf brands and in collaboration with professional surfers to offer you high performance and maximum quality surfboards.

Carver has recently developed the Triton By Carver brand to offer cheap quality surfboards for less than 200€ to find the feeling of sliding on the water or on the powder.

Whether you're a surfer, snowboarder, skater, or just like board sports, you're going to love surfing and riding endless curves on the pavement. The principle of the surfskate is simple, it works by changing the support on the rail on one side then the other, this creates a pumping effect making the carver move forward and gain speed. Once the speed is taken, you can press your turns and carve as in surfing on the water. Now it's up to you to play and have fun!