The Carver SCAPE C5 32.25" skateboard is one of two models in the STREET SURF capsule. With this skate, Carver wanted to offer a more street approach by offering a very particular shape mounted on C5 trucks, ideal for the bowl, the street, the skate park and even the pumptrack.


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The Carver SCAPE C5 32.25" skateboard is part of the Carver STREET SURF collection along with the SUN RAY 32". The advantages of such a shape mounted on a C5 truck are numerous: the SCAPE 32.25" can be skated in bowls, in skate parks and in street. It is also suitable for pump track! The deck design was created by Daren Thomas.

Available as a C5 truck:

The C5 truck was designed to be more like a street truck. The objective of the C5 is to allow skateboarders to do two things: tricking and pumping. It's for those who want to be able to do flips and ollies and still have some carving feel. Compared to the CX and C7, the C5 is shorter and narrower to offer a lower centre of gravity and more pop. It is the only Carver truck that allows you to do tricks normally reserved for street skates because it is light and has a special geometry.

Technical specifications:

- Length: 32.25"
- Width: 8 3/4"
- Wheelbase: 16 1/2"
- Nose: 6 3/8
- Tail: 6 1/4"
- Truck option: C5
- Truck colour: Raw
- Bearings : Integrated
- Material: Aluminium


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