The new Carver HOBO 32.5" surfskate celebrates the Hobo lifestyle; a sign of freedom and travel that echoes the nomadic exploration of the surfer in search of distant waves or escape by surfing the pavement.

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Designed with a longer wheelbase and wider shape for fuller carves and easier pumping; the Hobo will take you anywhere you want to go. This Carver surfskate honors the hobo and its counterculture spirit with this amber maple veneer deck; featuring a classic hobo nickel design and a clear sugarcoat grip.

Available as a C7 or CX truck:

The patented C7 truck is designed to recreate the feeling of riding the water with a surfboard; on a skateboard. With this truck you don't have to push with your leg; you just have to pump to go forward and gain speed. Thanks to its stability and flexibility, it is easy to draw long curves. It is ideal for cruising and carving.

The CX truck is a hybrid between a surfboard and a skateboard truck; it takes more angle and is lighter offering more reactivity and grip to send short and powerful turns. This truck allows you to perform aerial tricks with excellent landing; take speed with control and pump to move forward like the C7 truck thanks to its inverted axis system.

Features :

- Length: 32.5
- Width: 9 5/8
- Wheelbase: 18 1/2".
- Nose: 3 1/2"
- Tail: 5 5/8"
- Truck: C7 or CX
- Wheels: 70mm Roundhouse Mag Smoke 78A
- Deck: 7-ply maple
- Bearings: built-in