Deck Carver J.O.B CAMO TIGER 33.5" (with Grip)

The Carver J.O.B Camo Tiger 33.5" Deck is a model for most riders. It's a versatile board that's perfect for bigger riders, from beginners to experts.


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The technical characteristics of the Carver JOB Camo Tiger Deck are geared towards performance. Its 33.5" length provides greater stability and riding comfort. The wheelbase (17.5") offers plenty of boost to generate maximum speed and perpetual movement.

The narrow, pointed nose allows for more radical turns and manoeuvres. The squash tail at the rear of the board provides greater comfort and precision for the rear foot, optimising surf training (roller, snap, cut back...).

Technical features :

- Length : 33,5"

- Width: 10 1/4

- Wheelbase: 17.5

- Nose: 5 1/4

- Tail: 6 1/2