The new Carver ROCKET REDUX 30" surfskate model is the result of Carver's latest collaboration with ...Lost Surfboards and Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos, one of the most forward thinking board designers in surfing today!

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Before the endless charade of surfboard marketing on social media melted our minds, real word of mouth made a small board iconic in the surfing world...Lost Surfboards' Rocket, reincarnated into the Redux for a new generation.

Available as a C7 or CX truck:

The patented C7 truck is designed to recreate the feeling of riding a surfboard on the water; on a skateboard. With this truck there is no need to push with your leg; you just pump to move forward and gain speed. Thanks to its stability and flexibility, it is easy to draw long curves. It is ideal for cruising and carving.

The CX truck is a hybrid between a surfboard and a skateboard truck; it takes more angle and is lighter offering more reactivity and grip to send short and powerful turns. This truck allows you to perform aerial tricks with excellent landing; take speed with control and pump forward like the C7 truck thanks to its reverse axle system.

Features :

- Length: 3O"
- Width: 9 3/4
- Wheelbase: 16 1/2
- Nose: 3 3/8
- Tail: 6 1/4" (6.5 cm)
- Truck: C7 or CX
- Wheels: 70mm Roundhouse Mag Smoke /78A
- Deck: 7 ply maple
- Bearings: built-in